International Co-Productions

Since our founding in 1998, Muse has produced, co-produced or provided production services on more than 150 TV movies, mini-series, television series and feature films. Many of our high-budget, event TV productions such as Ben Hur and Pillars of the Earth, were made by combining the strengths of two or more TV and film production companies.

Enhancing film and TV production values while reducing costs

Muse Entertainment has become a foremost expert in international co-productions, creating TV productions and feature films in more than a dozen countries while winning numerous awards including three Golden Globe and three Emmy Awards.  We bring a comprehensive knowledge of international laws and Canada’s advantageous tax credits and film financing initiatives to build successful partnerships with premier TV and film production companies around the globe.

Collaborating with international TV and film production companies from strategic locations

As Muse has grown, we have expanded our presence in countries across the world. We have development and production offices in Montreal and Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles in the United States. We also maintain a sales office in London in the UK. From these strategic locations, we have been able to expand the number of international co-productions we offer. To date, Muse has collaborated with film and TV production companies in France, England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary, Morocco, Australia and South Africa. As a leading TV and film production company, we provide our international partners unmatched technical and financial expertise with a commitment to the highest creative and artistic production values.